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07.28.08 Commentary
Politics Has Always Been Dirty... Even in the Begi
02.24.08 Commentary
Billions Stolen in Medicare Fraud
10.16.06 Videos
Be Careful Who You Scare
09.14.06 Jokes
Summer Class For Men
07.25.06 Jokes
Rules of the BBQ
05.03.06 Jokes
Old Florida Couple
04.30.06 Videos
Extreme Rav4 Commercial
04.25.06 Jokes
Talking Clock
02.28.06 Games
02.20.06 Jokes
Math Class (revisited)
02.17.06 Games
Reverse (revisited)
02.12.06 Jokes
Insightful Witnesses (revisited)
02.12.06 Jokes
Dog Died
02.07.06 Games
Monster Truck
02.05.06 Jokes
Wedding Ring
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Billions Stolen
in Medicare Fraud

Stupidity Should
Be Painful

Unfit and Lovin' It

Ever Wonder About
That $50 Shirt

Vaccine Shortage Affecting You?

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